Aging ‘Gray’cefully – Book Project

Aging ‘Gray’cefully, a book project of everyday mentor women, all who have common strands of natural gray hair. The 22 women, all over the age of 50, their images and stories are being documented in an effort to provide points of inspiration for other women. Women from all walks of life who are currently experiencing or have experienced some life transition and have left them wondering…what is next? I was one of those women.

For more information on how to become part of the book as either a participant or project funder, please Email Lori

Book Introduction Excerpt – by Lori Brookes
A Journey of ‘Gray’ce

In April 2001 my second tower collapsed, I was laid off from my job. The first collapsed less than one year before with the end of my marriage of 18 years. The blueprint for my life, it seemed left out in the rain blurring all the lines of permanence, stability and structural integrity. A clean slate? At the time I couldn’t see it that way. To me it just looked like one big ink pool mess.

I spent the next 12 months sitting on my suburban sofa wondering, “how did I get here?” I began a journey of self inquiry, delving deeper and deeper, questioning everything, wanting immediate answers to those questions and looking for clarity. That became my thing, looking for clarity. Reflecting back on that now, how absurd it sounds. Really, how does one ‘look’ for clarity?…